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Impact Results

Ashinaga USA uses a comprehensive Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning system to track the impact of our work. This allows us to further refine it and ensure it is being delivered as cost-effectively as possible. This approach is shared across the other Ashinaga offices working on The Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI).

Our system has 24 indicators and 45 targets. The indicators are divided into outputs and outcomes. Output indicators measure the impact of our program on Scholars, while outcome indicators measure the extent and nature of AAI Graduates’ impact on sub-Saharan Africa.

Impact Results

We measure the output indicators of our Scholars’ academic achievements:

– We have supported 33 Scholars studying in North America. Among those four have successfully graduated.
– Six of these Scholars have achieved grades with distinction, with some Scholars reaching a cumulative GPA of 3.8 and above. The cumulative Ashinaga USA average is 3.5.
– Scholars from the 2019 cohort have been awarded scholarships to a total value of over 1.5 million dollars from universities in the US.

We also measure the output indicators of our Scholars’ professional achievements. Since 2017, Scholars in the USA have undertaken 17 internships, seven of which found independently; a sign that our ethos of empowering people, rather than acting for them, is bearing fruit.

– In 2020, one Scholar undertook internships.
– In 2019, six Scholars undertook internships.
– In 2018, five Scholars undertook internships.
For three of them, this was their second internship.
– In 2017, three Scholars undertook internships.


Three Scholars from Ashinaga USA graduated from their undergraduate courses in 2020 and one in 2019. They are now preparing for further studies or careers in their home countries.

Across all the Ashinaga regional offices, four AAI Graduates are now working in the country where they studied, three are pursuing higher education in their country of undergraduate study, and one has returned to their home country.

Ashinaga’s Leadership Program

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) enables access to higher education by providing Scholars with academic and financial support to study at universities in the USA.

The AAI is more than a scholarship: it is a leadership program, empowering Scholars to initiate change, innovation, and development upon their return to sub-Saharan Africa.

We define leadership as the commitment to develop and apply a set of academic, personal, and professional skills while demonstrating Ashinaga’s ethos: a warm heart, an open mind, a proactive attitude, and an international outlook.

Leadership Development Framework


Our leadership program focuses on three areas, to ensure that Scholars have the varied contemporary skillset they need to become leaders:

Academic: developing the skills Scholars need in their chosen fields, as well as their ability to think and engage with topics, and pursue intellectual curiosity to gain results.
Personal: developing Scholars’ inner characters, including their ability to inspire others and act with compassion, integrity, and responsibility.
Professional: developing the skills Scholars will need to flourish in their careers, including how to network, communicate effectively, organize their time and work in a team.


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