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Our Programs

Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House activities can be broken down into seven key areas:

・Care Program
・Terakoya literacy education
・Overseas education
・High school(Secondary)Scholarships
・Provision of scholastic materials
・Home visits
・Outings and camps

  • Care Program

    The Care program provides psychosocial support to approximately 1000 children, helping them to navigate their life challenges and view the world through a new perspective.
    The Care Program is divided into three groups: lower primary, upper primary, and secondary-school-aged children. A different group will attend the program each Saturday and work on a different theme.
    The program takes place on Saturdays and is held roughly 40 times a year. Once a year, there is an outing for primary students and a leadership camp for the secondary students who attend the Saturday programs. Additionally, Ashinaga the Care Program also does home visits to the registered houses in Nansana with the goal of understanding the realities of the children enrolled in our programs.

  • Terakoya: Literacy Education

    The Terakoya Literacy Program is a non-formal primary school that supports 100 Rainbow House registered students, ranging from 9 to 16 years old, from primary one to primary five. The program is based on the Japanese Terakoya, or temple schools, a private education system that existed in Japan during the Edo Period (1603–1868).
    This program follows Ugandan national curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. We are partnered with Fundi Bots, an organization that promotes practical science education in Africa, and Kumon, an education system that improves learners’ ability and fluency in mathematical operations. Terakoya also provides computer skills to all children under the program.

  • Overseas Training Program for Japanese students

    Since 1995, Ashinaga has sent nearly 300 Japanese university students abroad on one-year training programs. For many students who have lost a parent, going abroad is financially infeasible. Ashinaga’s programs enable them to take advantage of an international experience that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

    Ashinaga Uganda organises two programs for Japanese students. The first one, usually two weeks long, aims to provide a short international experience to students. The second is a year exchange program where students work in Ashinaga’s facilities.

Other Local Programs

  • local-activities-ashinaga-uganda-img-04

    Cultural Club

    At Ashinaga, we understand the importance of cultural tradition!
    In 2012, the cultural club was created to allow the children to embrace their rich culture while having fun. The main activity done by the club is cultural dances.
    The club is formed by Terakoya Kids, and around 50 children participate in this program. The dance rehearsals are conducted every Friday and occasionally on Saturdays during the school term.

    Since it was formed, the Terakoya dance troupe has had international success. They performed in shows in the USA, Japan, and Uganda as part of the concert “At Home in the World.” Yearly, the group performs on different occasions, such as the Ashinaga Africa Initiative Study Camp opening ceremony, Terakoya Sports Day, Kumon Ceremony, and local events in Nansana.

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    Craft Club

    In 2016, Ashinaga Uganda launched the Craft Club. Mothers of registered children form the club and focus on producing arts and crafts.
    The parents make a wide range of products, such as pencil cases, door mats, and paper bead products, including necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry bowls. Besides crafting, the club provides craft-making training, business skills, and money management.

    Every profit generated from the sale of craft products is directly allocated to the mothers responsible for crafting them. We aim to build their capacity with the skills needed to become financially independent.

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    Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC)



    Leadership is key at Ashinaga, and sports, especially baseball, are a great way to develop it. Playing sports helps students improve teamwork, leadership, and feel part of a team.

    The Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC) has 79 players, including 53 Ashinaga Uganda students. Their motto is “Learn about Baseball and Learn from Baseball.”


    ABC competes regularly, including in the Uganda National League. In 2023, our under-12 team placed second at the Central Region Championship. Six players joined the under-12 Uganda National Team and played in the World Cup Qualifiers in Kenya. Wazir Jagwe was named MVP.


    ABC has two types of practice sessions: visual learning (Mondays and Tuesdays) with video presentations, and practical training (Wednesday to Sunday) including physical workouts and games.

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