3. A Message of Gratitude to Our Supporters

A Message of Gratitude to Our Supporters

Uganda 2020.05.19


During the uncertain times that the coronavirus has brought us, we want to extend our deepest thank you to our supporters.

Last month, we announced that a 150,000 yen stipend would be given to 6,500 Ashinaga families in Japan, after getting feedback from guardians around the country. We also provided stipends for food, medical, and living costs to families in our local programs in both Uganda and Senegal. This necessary extended support was made possible thanks to each and every one of our donors. We want to thank you dearly for your kindness.

Your donations, no matter how big or small, have provided a sense of security for families who are especially hard-hit in the closure of business as usual around the world.

In Japan, all 6,500 families were given a 150,000 yen support stipend.

The current Ashinaga Africa Initiative Scholars who are enrolled in universities in the Tokyo area have been self-isolating in a facility southeast of Tokyo since March, where they are continuing their university studies via online classes.

In Ashinaga Uganda, the Uganda Rainbow House decided to provide emergency relief to registered households. A total of 989 children registered with us are receiving support. (*the figure is not equal to the number of households supported.) Since it is prohibited for organizations to provide food supplies except for government authorities, Ashinaga Uganda is providing cash payments for essential food supplies. Read more here (link).

Ashinaga Senegal offered additional financial support to 58 local Taxawu Jàng Elementary and Taxawu Jàng University program students. Following the cancellation of their tsudoi planned for this spring, they have reallocated budget to support additional costs, including food and medical supplies such as masks.

Below are a few comments of appreciation from recipients of emergency relief funds in Japan.

“I have received the news regarding the emergency relief funds.  These funds have helped ease some of the worries in our family. Many students have expressed their gratitude, and these funds are, without a doubt, a large source of support to single-mother families. I am thankful for Ashinaga’s quick response in providing us with this support. I hope that this situation will get resolved soon and I am looking forward to being able to meet with everyone again.”

“With the reduction in work opportunities available, I have been extremely vexed and anxious thinking the approaching due dates for our bills (school, commuting, etc.) and daily expenditure. However, your support has given me a glimmer of hope and a fresh boost of morale. Thank you so much.”

“To President Tamai, everyone who has contributed to Ashinaga, and to all the staff involved, I am deeply thankful. My first workplace has shut down since February because of COVID-19, my second workplace shut in April, and the new job I found only allows me to work 2-3 shifts per week. Our utility bills, national insurance, and my daughter’s university tuition fees are also due this month. Seeing my daughter pushing herself studying so hard while balancing a part-time job, I didn’t want to disappoint her – I was at a loss for what to do. When I saw the news about the funds from Ashinaga, I felt a huge sense of relief and assurance. Also, hearing President Tamai’s message – “You don’t have to worry about your scholarships, all Ashinaga asks is that you and your mothers remain well.”, his words brought me to tears.”

Want to extend our thanks to those who have contributed to our activities with donations in this difficult time. There are still families affected by the negative externalities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the situation changes, so will the way we extend support to Ashinaga families. Your ongoing support helps us give to those who need it most.

We ask for your continued support as we continue to support as many orphaned students as possible.

If you would like to donate online, you can do it here.

We also accept inquiries about donations by toll-free phone call.

Toll-free number: 0120-916602

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