3. Emergency Relief for Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House Registered Households

Emergency Relief for Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House Registered Households

Uganda 2020.04.28


Ashinaga Uganda’s Rainbow House facility has decided to give food supply stipends to each of the families associated with 989 children registered with the Uganda Rainbow House.

Thanks to the effort of healthcare workers and government officials in Uganda, only 79 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in over 6,000 tested cases (according to data from April 27, 2020). To prevent further spread, educational institutions in Uganda have been closed since March 21, 2020, based on orders from President Museveni’s address. All transportation both public transportation and private vehicles have been prohibited to drive on public roads except those carrying cargo, or emergency gear with the government’s permission. These lockdowns, though necessary, have forced many people to stay home and restricted many household’s access to food and healthcare.

The food relief program announced by the government does not reach Nansana Area, where the Uganda Rainbow House is located. Staff have received a lot of worries of hardship and request for support from the registered households. These concerns regard lack of food for the households and health-related issues affecting their children.

Given the situation, the Uganda Rainbow House decided to provide emergency relief to registered households. These total to 989 children registered with Ashinaga Uganda. (*the figure is not equal to the number of households supported.) Since it is prohibited for organizations to provide food supplies except for government authorities, we will provide cash payments for essential food supplies. Although it is difficult to deliver this financial support personally, because of government restrictions, we are doing our best to find the most effective ways to reach people in need.

If you can donate, consider supporting the Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House. Your contribution will help us provide all children registered with Ashinaga Uganda with the financial support they need.


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