3. A Large Supporter Base

A Large Supporter Base

General 2019.04.15

Ashinaga scholarships and activities are funded by donations from individuals, partner companies, and organizations. Over 20,000 people receive support from Ashinaga either on a monthly, quarterly, or biannual basis.


Each year, we feel very fortunate to receive over 30,000 donations from individuals, corporations, or groups. Twice a year, Ashinaga collects donations through bokin (street fundraising) nationwide. Street fundraising is planned by Ashinaga Scholars, and we are joined in solidarity with over 20,000 volunteers annually to call for donations to support orphaned students. Especially through the unprecedented economic downturn of 2020, every contribution matters. Small donations from our many supporters help us to continue support for orphaned youth around the world.


Ashinaga does not rely on government subsidies. We provide care at the discretion of our board, which has enabled us to be first responders to those struggling the most in disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake or COVID pandemic.

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