3. Supporting Students Directly

Supporting Students Directly

General 2021.04.13

55% of Ashinaga’s Budget Given Directly to Students


More than half of the Ashinaga Foundation’s costs directly go to Ashinaga students in the form of grants. We believe that this support is crucial to ensure students’ financial stability, allowing them to focus on their studies and pursue their dreams. 

The scholarships we offer include a grant and an interest-free loan, repayable within 20 years. Students can benefit from this funding in combination with other scholarships, and can request an additional loan conditional to their admission to high school (max 300,000 yen) or to a private university (max 400,000 yen). 

In 2020, a total of 7,700 scholarships, amounting to 5.7 billion yen, were awarded. Among these, 4,200 were allocated to high school students, 2,600 to university students, 800 to vocational school students, and 60 to graduate students. Since April 1988, Ashinaga has provided more than 52,000 scholarships, amounting to over 55.9 billion yen (approximately 504 million US dollars). 


Scholarship Amount

High School – National and public  45,000 yen (Loan: 25,000 JPY / Grant: 20,000 JPY)
High school – Private 50,000 yen (Loan: 30,000 JPY / Grant: 20,000 JPY)
University – General  70,000 yen (Loan: 40,000 JPY / Grant: 30,000 JPY)
University – Special 80,000 yen (Loan: 50,000 JPY / Grant: 30,000 JPY)
Vocational School 70,000 yen (Loan: 40,000 JPY / Grant: 30,000 JPY)
Graduate Programs  120,000 yen (Loan: 80,000 JPY / Grant: 40,000 JPY)

While 55% of Ashinaga’s spending are dedicated to direct payments towards students, 80% of the total budget (including scholarships) is spent on educational programs.

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