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Yoshiomi Tamai Founder of Ashinaga, President

Deputy President

Keiko Higuchi* 3 Essayist
Tsutomu Hotta* 1 * 3


Osamu Murata * 2 President of Kwansei Gakuin University


Fumihiro Aono * 2 Softbank Executive Corporate Officer
Satomi Amano * 2 Illustrator
Hiroshi Matsumoto President of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research(RIKEN)

Chief Executive Officer

Yukichi Okazaki * Director General of Student Activities Department


Aiji Tanaka President of Waseda University
President, Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges
Masayuki Kobayashi Professor of J. F. Oberlin University
Toshihiko Kudo Assistant Chairman of Ashinaga Foundation
Daigo Sato Professor of Musashino University Faculty of Entrepreneurship
Chairman of Dot-jp NPO
Yusuke Matsuda President of Crimson Education Japan, President of Teach For Japan
Yohei Suda Lawyer
Yukie Seki * 2

Secretary General of the Ashinaga Foundation

Director General of Ashinaga Africa Department 

Kosaku Dairokuno President of Meiji University
Kenichiro Tanaka Lawyer
Yoshio Nakatani President of Ritsumeikan University
Keizo Yamaguchi Honorary Professor of Hokkaido University
Tomoya Yoshioka President of Japan Student Services Organization


Akira Yoshikawa

Managing Director of Japan Council of Social Welfare Facilities for the Blind

Advisor of Japan Guide Dog Association

Katsuhiko Kotani * 1 President of International Environment and Economy Institute
Kiyoshi Hidaka * 2 Lawyer

Board of Trustees

Takayo Ishihara * 2 Nurse
Social Worker
Long-Term Care Specialist
Munemitsu Erikawa  President of JALPAK Co., Ltd.
Hiroaki Ogata Ogata Family Koankai Chairman
Lecturer Asahi Culture Center
Mitsukoshi Culture Salon Lecturer
Mikio Okumura CEO of Sompo International Holdings Ltd
Yoshihiro Ogura * 1 Lawyer
Toshiro Ozawa Visiting Professor, International University
Member of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations
Former Ambassador of South Africa
Former Ambassador of the Permanent Mission of Japan to Vienna
Tomoe Kato Associate Professor, Department of Children, Fukuoka Women’s Junior College
Naoshi Sugawara * 2 Member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

Honorary Advisor

Shinji Okajima Chairman of the Society for Encouraging Orphans in Traffic Accidents
Former Director of Koutsu Orphans Ikueikai
Former Chairman of the National Council for Encouragement of Traffic Orphans
Yoshiya Soeda Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba
Former Vice President of University of Tsukuba

Permanent Advisors

Masao Kaneki * 2 Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, USA
Munehiro Uemura * 2 National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Kounodai Hospital, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Former Head of the Ashinaga Shinjuku Cram School
Yoshio Sakurai Advocate of Ashinaga Student Street Fundraising
Shigenori Takahashi Former Ashinaga Student Fundraising Secretary
Former Chairman of All Japan Student Automobile Federation
Noboru Hayase Director of Japan NPO Center, a certified non-profit organization
Managing Director of Osaka Volunteer Association, Social Welfare Corporation
Junzo Fujita Former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD)
Masayuki Fujimura Professor, Faculty of Comprehensive Human Sciences, Sophia University
Yoji Yamakita Former Auditor at the Ashinaga Foundation
Former Secretary-General of the Association for Encouraging Traffic Orphans
Kazuhiko Yoshida Former Ashinaga Secretary-General of the Ikueikai

Regional Office Directors

Hector Bagley  Director of Ashinaga Uganda
Betty Haubout Director of Ashinaga Senegal
Michael Rivera King Director of Ashinaga UK
Samantha Smith Director of Ashinaga France
Elisa Edmondson Director of Ashinaga USA
Andrew Castro Director of Ashinaga Brazil

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