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At International Tsudoi, Ashinaga staff and Scholars, along with special guest speakers, work together to create workshops, lectures, and activities for participants. Some of these activities relate directly to the Ashinaga requirements, such as Ashinaga Proposal presentations. Other activities aim to develop Scholars’ professional, academic, and social skills and inspire them to think about both their future and the future of the African continent.
The Scholars received lectures on leadership, career, entrepreneurship, study skills, emotional support, and had a chance to present their Ashinaga Proposal, which is a project that identifies an issue on the ground and proposed concrete and viable solutions.
A fundamental aspect to leadership development during tsudoi is Scholar participation and involvement. Along with special guest speakers, Ashinaga staff and scholars work together to create workshops, lectures, and activities for participants. These are opportunities for Scholars to reflect on their growth in researching a self-identified social issue in their communities and to provide their audience with a convincing, well-rounded plan for resolution. Younger students are encouraged to put older students’ advice into practice for developing their own projects.
One of our past lecturers in Sao Paulo was famous Mozambican saxophonist and Kenjin-Tatsujin member Moreira Chonguiça. He was interviewed by Brazilian and Mozambican media outlets during the conference and raised the profile of Ashinaga across the South American and African continents.
He told the media: “This group of young people come from various parts of Africa to study in Brazil thanks to Ashinaga. They are Africans who look to the future, while respecting their past. Africans who dream but Africans who do. Young Africans but Africans who respect hierarchy and are ready to work with leaders, because they believe in a better Africa.”

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